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The LED Clock Table Lamp is a multifunctional desk accessory that combines a lamp, clock, and USB charging port. It’s designed to be compact, portable, and energy-efficient, with a modern white design that fits various settings. The lamp is rechargeable, making it convenient for use without a constant power source. It also features button controls for easy operation. Ideal for reading or working, it’s a versatile choice for those needing a practical lighting solution with added functionalities.

Key features:

  • Modern Style: The lamp has a sleek, modern design that fits well in various settings, such as a study room or office.
  • Color: It comes in white, which can easily blend with most decor styles.
  • Dimensions: The product dimensions are 17″D x 7″W x 4″H, making it a compact and space-saving option for desks.
  • Special Feature: It is rechargeable, providing flexibility in placement and usage without the constant need for a power outlet.
  • Built-in fan: The product could also come with a built-in fan
  • Light Source: The lamp uses LED, which is known for energy efficiency and longevity.
  • Material: Made of plastic, which contributes to its lightweight and portable nature.
  • Lamp Type: It’s categorized as a desk lamp, suitable for tasks like reading or working.
  • Power Source: The lamp is battery-powered, enhancing its portability.
  • Shape: It has a round shape, which is often associated with a contemporary aesthetic.
  • Control Type: It features button controls for ease of use.
  • Connectivity: The lamp includes USB connectivity for charging.

Packing includes:


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Rating :

понравилось абсолютно все! 3 режима вентилятора 3 режима на свет. светит очень ярко! рекомендую!
no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

Rating :

Conforme à la description, 2 modes d’éclairage, 3 vitesses de ventilation, simplicité du réglage de l’horloge, touche tactile pour la lampe et le ventilateur on/off, très bien pour le prix, éclairage plus que correct.
no remark

Rating :

Es muy buena e iluminación excelente…

Rating :

Очень хорошо

Rating :

produto de boa qualidade

Rating :

buen producto

Rating :

Me encantó

Rating :


Rating :

parece usado está sucio y con manchas, la primera vez que me pasó, el producto parece usado, y lo demás está bien pero si es usado solo hay que escribirlo

Rating :

arrived fast, works well, but arrived with damage – one of the small boxes broken a little and one of the fan’s shield stripes was broken -need to glue it to allow the fan to work (it fell inbetween the fan’s blades)

Rating :

I love it. I need to plug in I will today Thanks.
no remark

Rating :

не соответствует описанию нет вентилятора и батареи работает только от сети разачарован

Rating :

llegó roto!!!

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