Fear of the dark- smart ways to deal with it

Let’s start this article by imagining this scenario, you are home alone, it’s 10 PM, you are tired after a long day and you want to sleep but as soon as you turn the lights off and go to bed all kind of scary thoughts start running in your head, this scary thoughts that get triggered whenever you are home alone in the dark is what is called Nyctophobia.

This phobia makes you feel extremely anxious in dark places especially at night when you are alone.

Maybe you start remembering some scenes of a scary movie you saw long time ago, or you imagine the scary story a friend told you, sometimes you start imagining noises in the house that don’t even exists.

The most negative side of this phobia is that it affects the quality of your sleep, you feel tired all the time which can have a huge negative impact on your daily life and can cause health issues.


Well I am not a sociologist so I am not going to go through all the reason behind this phobia or which kind of mental exercises you should do to train you subconscious mind to control anxiety and fear, but what I am going to do is to suggest some ways to use your home design and technology to relax your mind and make you feel secure in your own bedroom so you can get a good night of sleep.


1-Change the decoration of your home:

If you are using some kind of creepy decoration or your place is a mess then of course you’re going to feel like you live in a scary abended house, you should consider changing the design of your house, you can buy new furniture or customize your old one, you need the kind of furniture that have great design with beautiful colors that make you feel relax, not the kind of furniture that look like a ghost in the dark, just go with simple design and bright colors. You can put some artworks on the walls, like nature paintings, also avoid weird décor.

If you live in a big house then consider moving to a small apartment.


2-Use colors that make you feel comfortable

If your walls are painted with dark colors then of course it’s going to trigger the kind of anxiety that make you feel like you are in an old scary castle even though you live in a building with a lot of people, just consider changing the colors of your walls, ceiling and flooring.


3-Adopt a pet

Pets are great when it comes to giving you company, they can make you happier and the most important part is that they stay awake at night so whenever your hear some creepy noise you can be 100% sure that it’s your pet doing stupide things.


If you already have a pet or you consider adopting one then check our products for pets by clicking here.

4-Have easy access to light switches

I know this one is going to make you laugh because you know it, whenever your fear is triggered the first thing you think of is to find the light switch to lighten the room, one of the product you can use is the KasaSmart HS200P3 Wi-Fi Light Switch, this product gives you the possibility to control your switches with your phone or with your voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can also schedule the time to turn automatically the lights off if you like to keep lights on when you go to your bed, if you want more information about this product click here.

5-Use lights decoration

If you like to keep lights on because it makes you more comfortable, it’s normal, our brain is designed to make us feel more secure in diurnal activities when there is lights.

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