What happened to Insteon Smart Home Systems?

Since the last Friday, Dozens of users of insteon smart home devices have reported the shutdown of the insteon systems, their smart home hubs and their cloud-dependent technology is no longer working.
Insteon Hub

It appears that The Company is out of business, without warning their clients and with no clear idea about the reason behind that sudden decision.
Nothing official is heard from the company but In an article written in Stacey on IoT by Stacey Higginbotham. He reported that he tried to contact members of the company such us Rob Lilleness, the president and chairman of Smartlabs, the company that owns Insteon, but no response so far. He also reported that Some executives at Insteon and its mother company Smartlabs have removed the company from their LinkedIn accounts.

This means that thousands of insteon’s costumers will no longer have the ability to use their devices because the app that allows them to change their devices sittings does not work, this let a bunch of frustrated users who invested their money stuck with devices that become useless, even though they can still make them work by pressing switches manually
On multiple platforms such as the Universal Devices forum, one of the common solution suggest by users is the use of compatible platforms to solve temporarily the problem.

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