Review of the Apple home kit

The Apple home kit is a smart home system that is simple for anyone to operate. All you need to do is speak to your phone, “Siri I’m home” and the scenery would be set. Your doors will be opened, your light and temperature will be set right depending on your mood.

What is Apple home kit?

The Apple Home Kit is a system that allows you to control your home smart devices that are compatible with it, it is not compatible with the Google Assistant or amazons Alexa. You have control over your lights, thermostats, locks and other parts of your house, that creates comfortable environments and the right scenery all with the tap on your phone.

What can the Apple Home Kit do?

It is not a product or a software, it is a framework that can link the smart home products together and add new capabilities to the devices like the locks, lights, camera and others. It has so many features for your convenience. With just one tap you can turn on your lights, dim them, adjust your thermostat, switch on and off the devices that you have connected to it, you can also lock and unlock your doors and see who’s ringing your doorbell.

How much does the Apple Home Kit cost?

The Apple home app is free, but you would need to pay for the devices that you would be connecting. A brilliant home controller costs about $299, depending on the size of your home and the appliances connected, for a more connected and multiple devices and features, a budget of $1000 could be considered.

How do you use Home kit?

Home kit devices can be controlled from an iPad, iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and Home pod. Owning an Apple TV is essential because it acts as a bridge over iCloud to help access your devices when you are away from home.

What are Scenes and how do you control them?

The home kit will let you create custom scenes that will trigger your devices simultaneously. The scenes are activated at the same time or when certain conditions are met.

How does Home kit communicate?

Some of your devices are usually connected to your hub via your Wi-Fi connections, for devices that may be further away, 30 feet or more, a Bluetooth  or wi-fi range extender or connect sense Bluetooth extender would help broaden the device connectivity range.

Home kit router

The idea behind the feature of the home kit router is to give control to the smartphone enabled devices to where the internet can reach. Some levels of security apple offers for accessories paired with the home kit router.
1. Automatic: your accessories are able to communicate with the home kit and connections that are manufacture recommended.
2. Restrict to home: it is secure and can only interact with home kit through your Apple device, and third party applications are shut off.

Do I need an Apple home kit?

The apple home kit and all the devices you connect with them are luxuries everyone would love to have. But if you travel a lot and want to keep an eye on things at home, then this is definitely what you need, or you want to come home after a long day to a calm environment.

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